Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

My Flight to Hollyland Mecca


Actually I wanna tell you and that was my flight experience one year ago. And that time i did Umrah by SQ plane. That plane has taken Jakarta International Airport off at 11.45 am. Before landing at King Abdul Azis Airport, Jeddah, we would have transited at Changi International Airport, Singapore for about 4 hours.

This Airport is very comfortable for every passenger. It is fully equipped clean carpets, many stores at every site, interesting park and very cold air conditioning. Besides that it also has many wheel chairs.
SQ is one of the best international plane in the world.

After have transited at Changi International Airport we continued to go to Abu Dhabi UEA for fueling gasoline for 35 minutes.
All praises to Allah we arrived at King Abdul Aziz Airport Jeddah at 19.00 pm.
The journey was continued by bus to Medina for 6 hours and arrived in there for about 2 hours before Fajr adzan.
We did praying everyday at Medina and Mecca seriously and happily for getting much "pahala" and "barokah" from Allah SWT.
Ka'bah ( in Masjidil Haram ( Haram Mosque ) and Raudhah ( in Masjid Nabawi ( Nabawi Mosque ) have made us and every moslem in the world always miss to go there everytime.
May Allah always gives us much rizki and barokah to always pray every month, every years to pray in these two mosques. Amin Allahuma Amin. Aaamiin yaa rabbal alaaamiiin7x.

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