Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Trip at Indrayanti Beach


Bisa juga akhirnya jalan2 bareng keluarga...
ke pantai cukup menyenangkan.. bikin hepi melepas smua beban kerjaan..


Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

The meaning of the birthday

Today...Tuesday 8th May 2012  i am 30 years old.
for 30 years ago, i have learned a many things and i have gotten much experiences.
Those have made me grow up everyday and everytime up to now.
for 28 years until now, i just think are all things that i 've done has been enough to get Alloh's ridho?
how about my up coming death? am i ready to face it.
too sad to remember, too much wasting time too much sin that i ' ve done...
Alloh please forgive me, this time i want to ask your forgiveness, for everything.
and for tomorrow, i am sure i will always ask for Your forgiveness, because i am just a human.
there's nothing i can do anything without You Alloh..
please always guide and guard me..

beside that i just wanna say thank you Alloh..
too much rezeki and happyness have come.

29 years ago, i grew up, started to walk, to talk, and 30 years ago i was born from really small family.
i just can say Alhamdulillah

actually there's no special party. just family gathering at Iwak Kalen Resto and have lunch together   :)