Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

The meaning of the birthday

Today...Tuesday 8th May 2012  i am 30 years old.
for 30 years ago, i have learned a many things and i have gotten much experiences.
Those have made me grow up everyday and everytime up to now.
for 28 years until now, i just think are all things that i 've done has been enough to get Alloh's ridho?
how about my up coming death? am i ready to face it.
too sad to remember, too much wasting time too much sin that i ' ve done...
Alloh please forgive me, this time i want to ask your forgiveness, for everything.
and for tomorrow, i am sure i will always ask for Your forgiveness, because i am just a human.
there's nothing i can do anything without You Alloh..
please always guide and guard me..

beside that i just wanna say thank you Alloh..
too much rezeki and happyness have come.

29 years ago, i grew up, started to walk, to talk, and 30 years ago i was born from really small family.
i just can say Alhamdulillah

actually there's no special party. just family gathering at Iwak Kalen Resto and have lunch together   :)


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