Selasa, 16 April 2013

Form of Attention

March 27th is the birthday of my husband.. on that day there was no special..
a birthday for us is to contemplate, because at our age who are not young anymore, it is our obligation as a human being should be a lot of self-introspection. what we've done so far. what we are doing is correct? Only Allah SWT can judge, not me and not others.
At the moment of his birthday, that I should give his a surprise.  But on this occasion, it was me who got the surprise of him... Maybe for others, this is not something special, but for me it was the first time he cooked for me. Yaahhhh......exactly on his birthday, he made ​​dishes for me. French fries and spaghetti that he cooked.  Wow.... it's my favorite food.....

wallaaa.....This is a cuisine my husband

This is the form of my husband's attention to me. Alhamdulillah I have a husband who is so attention, when I need a friend, he always supports me and he was always willing to listen to my complaints. He could be a friend and brother to me. A lot of the advice that he gave to me, about life, religion and much more. 
We live need help from others, because  we can not live without the other person. So also with love, we need someone to fill our souls are empty.
In a relationship between two people, we have to trust each other. to build the trust, we need good communication.
May Allah SWT always gives happiness to us ..




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